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7-dolor habit rosary, black and silver metal crucifix on a silver chain with black wood beads and a center medal picturing Mary on the front and Christ Sacred Heart on the reverse. Contained in black leather pouch, no closure. Worn with the habit by…

Hand-painted ceramic china dish or bowl with two small handles, painted light blue with gold outlines of flowers and two white flowers with green leaves. Dated December 25, 1889, on back. May have come from Denver, CO.

Cross-stitch needlework piece of a gray watering can, brown rabbit, and five pink flowers with green leaves. Signed "SMA" for Sr. Marian Andrews, SL (1924-2017).

Bound sketchbook, beige fabric cover with brightly colored floral motif paper centerpiece and endpapers, containing 8 watercolor paintings and additional blank pages. The paintings are of landscapes, buildings, and still lifes, all encountered by…

Glazed stoneware saucer dish or coaster, beige background with blue painted trim, Nerinx Hall logo, and "Nerinx Hall" text. Though it depicts a Webster Groves (St. Louis), MO, school, the maker is Hadley Pottery in Louisville, KY (founded 1940).…

a) Red and black fabric pennant, red stitching, with white painted text "1st Aniversario 1980 FSLN."

b) Red fabric pennant, blue stitching, with white star and text "FMLN El Salvador."

FSLN, or the Sandinista National Liberation Front…

Two aprons made from plain white fabric scraps and spray-painted in red, "No mas impuestos / no mas corrupcion / AMPRONAC" ("no more taxes / no more corruption"). AMPRONAC was a women's branch of FSLN (Sandinistas), titled in English the Association…

Illustrated Spanish-language paperback book bound with staples, "Lenin Conversa con los Ninos" by A. Kononov. Designed by Nikolai Zhukov and published in Moscow, Russia, in 1980.

According to Sr. Alicia Ramirez, SL, this type of book was used by…

Hexagonal paper badge for "Cruzada Nacional de Alfabetizacion Nicaragua / 1980," with image of a male figure and a female figure holding books above the Nicaraguan flag and the FSLN flag.

The Nicaraguan Literacy Campaign was launched by the FSLN…

Two shellacked wood pins, with safety pins glued to backs. a) "Viva Nicaragua libre" with image of the sun and two doves, one with an FSLN flag and one with the Nicaraguan flag. b) "Nicaragua libre" with image of the sun and black figures waving the…
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