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Watercolor painting of two rooms, one with a yellow floor and yellow armchair, with a door and windows opening into a covered porch or sunroom with plants, a yellow and white table, and three white and rainbow-colored outdoor chairs. Signed in…

Watercolor painting of a white wicker chair with cushions on a blue floor, with blue and tan walls behind it. Signed along bottom edge by Sr. Gabriel Mary Hoare, SL (1929-2002), and dated 1990.

Pencil drawing of a plant with five large leaves (possibly elephant ear or rhubarb) with handwritten text "To thank you for this / Seeing things within anew / we walked together." Signed "R. Ensman 6-26-93." Attributed to Fr. Ray Ensman, CoL.

Pencil or charcoal drawing of a large, fully leafed tree and a small bench. Pencil-drawn border. The tree is one that was in the backyard of the St. Louis Loretto Center, behind the White House. Small, faint signature in bottom right corner by Sr.…

Color photograph with tree trunks in the foreground, forested hills in the midground, and snowy mountains in the background. Photographer is Sr. Catherine (Cathy) Smith, SL (b. 1958).

Color photograph of a red-roofed white frame building and a white lighthouse on a rocky beach, labeled "Pemaquid Point Lighthouse." Signed by Sr. Catherine (Cathy) Smith, SL (b. 1958).

Hand-carved wood statue, square base, of a standing woman and child, with the woman's hand resting on the child's head. Attributed to Sr. Jeanne Dueber, SL (b. 1937).

Bound sketchbook, beige fabric cover with brightly colored floral motif paper centerpiece and endpapers, containing 8 watercolor paintings and additional blank pages. The paintings are of landscapes, buildings, and still lifes, all encountered by…

Painted wood retablo or "Santa" of Nuestra Senora de Loreto (Our Lady of Loreto) with brown skin, standing on a pedestal with a red curtain surrounding her. Signed on the back by Clare Cresap Villa, santera, 2006, with a mark indicating that Villa…

Serigraph print in shades of blue, depicting an abstract image of a bird, water, and a plant, with text "As wing to bird / water to fish / life to the living / so you to me / But tell me, madhara, beloved / who are you? / who are you really? /…
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