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Hand-painted ceramic china dish or bowl with two small handles, painted light blue with gold outlines of flowers and two white flowers with green leaves. Dated December 25, 1889, on back. May have come from Denver, CO.

"Diploma of Honor" award certificate for the Sisters of Loretto from the 1893 Chicago World's Fair (Columbian Exhibition), recognizing the "Literary, Scientific, and Art Work, Plain and Fancy Needle Work from Thirty Institutions" that the Sisters…

Hand-stitched, twin-size quilt, 20 quilt squares on solid blue background with brown, peach, and white floral edging; white floral backing. Each quilt square, made of the same fabrics listed above, depicts a state or country in which Loretto…

(a) Brass chalice, four Art Deco/Nouveau robed figures on stem holding each an image of an eagle, a lion, a unicorn, and a winged person. The base is decorated with three flowers and a cross, all containing gemstones. The underside is engraved: "To…

Quilt with tag sewn on backing, "Loretto Memories / made in 2003 by Sister Mary Jane Sweeney." White fabric with blue-green floral trim. 15 blocks have red buildings with black polka-dotted roofs, each with a place name and a strip of brightly…

Sunbonnet, white fabric with printed blue floral pattern. Made by Sr. Susan Swain, SL (1945-2012), to use as part of teaching Loretto history. The earliest headcoverings worn by Sisters of Loretto were sunbonnets. During her teaching career, Susan…

Award medals. Many of our schools recognized excellence in areas of studiousness, attendance, scholarship, etc. by awarding pins and medals that could be worn as jewelry. Pictured are samples of these.

a) Blue and gold "Attendance" pin, shield…

School bell, wood handle, silver cup, screw for ringer, metal ring at top. Hand bells were used to signal class times.

Gold-colored pitted school bell with black wooden handle, used to call children in from recess. Given by Sr. Eileen Kersgieter, SL.

Loretto Academy class ring, black stone with "LA" in gold script, one small green stone on top with six white stones on either side. Loretto teaching motto "Fides Mores Cultura" engraved on front. "NCM" engraved on inside. We don’t know which Loretto…
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