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Round pin, gold and blue colors, with text "Loretto Academy 1923-1998 / 75 Years Great" and image of the church at Loretto Academy, El Paso, TX.

Masonry trowel, steel body with fabric-wrapped wood handle. "W. Rose" maker's mark. "This laid the Corner Stone of the Chapel of the Sisters of Loretto 3/29/1925" written on back. According to the attached note, the cornerstone of the Chapel of St.…

Photograph of a stained-glass window depicting an angel with clasped hands, designed by Irma Peinado and dedicated to the Sisters of Loretto. This window is at St. Joseph's School in El Paso, TX, where Sisters of Loretto served from 1923 to 1977. The…

Decorative plaque, two pieces of wood with blue-green paint on front and ceramic piece labeled "Loretto Chapel" shaped and painted to resemble the chapel at Loretto Academy in El Paso, TX. Illegible signature along right edge. Label on back indicates…

Round black and gold metal pin, with image of belltower and text "Loretto Academy / 75 Years Great / 1923-1998." From Loretto Academy, El Paso, TX.

Gray plastic calculator with black buttons and rulers, engraved with Loretto Academy (El Paso, TX) information.

Wooden book-shaped box with metal hinges on front and metal plate reading "Loretto Academy / P.A.L. / 1995-96". Sr. Buffy Boesen, SL, identified this as the Parents of Loretto Organization for Loretto Academy in El Paso, TX. Sticker labels on back…

Diploma of Rose Theresa Colley, in forest green suede cover with gold lettering "Loretto Academy" El Paso, Texas, and her name on cover.

Stained wood statue of the Holy Family. Joseph and Mary look over their left shoulders; Jesus faces forward and has his hands folded in prayer. Tag on bottom gives Giacomo Vincenzo Mussner of Ortisei, Italy, as the sculptor. Mussner G. Vincenzo is a…

Round painted board with wooden dowels attached, like handles. Acrylic painting of Loretto Chapel, El Paso, TX, with adobe-colored trim. Signed "S.D.M. '52" in lower right corner (faint).
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