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Silk needlework picture of three kittens, worked in gray thread on black silk backing. See also #0177. From the embroidery school run by the Sisters of Loretto in Hanyang, China.

Chinese embroidery on cream- or yellow-colored silk background, floral pattern with pink and purple flowers, green leaves, and brown stems. Framed in a gold-colored frame with a metal Chinese design at the top; sticker on back for Wing Ching Cheung,…

Wood Chinese trinket box, decorated with metal cut-outs nailed to top and sides; the center has a round metal cut-out decoration. Found inside: plastic vial with screws, clasps, etc. from the box; a miniature black-and-white photograph of a Sister of…

Hand towel, white linen trimmed in green, embroidered with two purple irises made by a student at the convent of the Sisters of Loretto in China.

5-decade rosary of black beads. Broken; beads missing. Given to Sr. Antonella Marie Gutterres, SL, while in the internment camp in China by Sr. Mary Jane McDonald, SL. Antonella Marie gave it to Sr. Rosemary Chinnici, SL, when she and Sr. Anthony…

Chalice case, heavy black paper over hard surface, shaped like two cylindrical shaped boxes 10” high, lower portion 3.75” in diameter, top 6” diameter, metal handle, hinged, two hooked closures, lined in maroon velvet. Note from Sr. Maureen states it…

Gold paten, symbol "IHS" (monogram for Jesus, derived from first three letters of the Greek name of Jesus) in center of back with small heart. Paten fits with the chalice in #0895 and is stored in #0895b. Came from China in 1953.

Silver chalice, flowers and cross designs, cup 3” at lip, lined with gold. This chalice was used by Fr. Michael Fallon at his last Mass. He was educated on Fr. Nerinckx’s Burse at St. Columban’s, in Ireland. Fr. Quinlan presented this chalice to the…

7-dolor missionary rosary given to Sr. Mary Jane McDonald, SL, when she went to China. The rosary has a reliquary crucifix with a broken pin, and a medal of Christ in the center. Sr. Mary Jane gave it to Sr. Antonella Marie Gutteres, SL, in the Camp…

White stole embroidered with green vines; gold-colored square cross embroidered on each end. Gold fringe on ends and gold tassels on cord linking sides.
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