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Hand-woven off-white shawl, hand-embroidered with floral designs; fringe on ends. Made by Dona Jesusita Ochoa of Las Cruces, NM. She began the shawl at age 50 and finished it at age 75. The shawl was given to Mother Praxedes Carty in 1885 by…

Spherical glass ornament, metal cap, glazed white with yellow and gray pencil drawing of the front of the chapel of Our Lady of Light (Santa Fe, NM). Labeled "Loretto" and signed to lower right "Melinda McDonald / 93 / Albuq." Paper tags attached…

Gold and silver medals were awarded at the exhibitions (programs that included musical and literary performances and displays of artwork) which closed the school year in the last part of the 19th and early 20th centuries. These medals are from…

Native American doll, dried apple face, Indigenous fabric costume with Southwestern pattern on felt blanket, dark braided hair, from Bernalillo, NM.

Pine chair with carved back, front rung, and finials, with seat made of woven leather strips. According to the display tag, it was made by shop class students at Our Lady of Sorrows High School, Bernalillo, NM, c. 1930.

Curator's note: Our Lady of…

Woven rug, pattern of multicolored diamonds against brown, green, and red background; red edges; "Sr. Margaret" in center, with upside-down "T"; multicolored yarn fringe on ends. Made by Native Americans in Bernalillo, NM, for Sr. Margaret Mary…

Macrame purse with handle and fringe (a) and blue ribbon (b) it won at the Fall Fair and Festival in Las Vegas, NM, September 27-29, 1928. The ribbon is made out to a "Sister of Loretta." The purse and ribbon were donated to the Archives in 1941 by…

Glass memorial/souvenir plate from Las Cruces, NM. It depicts the early history of that area, with the silhouette of the Loretto Academy building in the background. The bright reds, blues, yellows, and white are typical of that area. This is a…

Handmade pine wood chair, two horizontal back slats. From Santa Fe, NM, c. 1855.

Red brick with copper plaque engraved "A Memory from the Loretto Academy Convent Santa Fe, N.M. / June 20, 1892 / Oct. 22, 1971."
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