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Double-sided black fabric banner (sides are identical) with felt applique text, "how about ExxonMobil pays for his war? / The Loretto Community," and an applique gray-haired figure wearing an American flag-print garment. Blue shoestring ties attached…

Double-sided fabric banner. Side 1: Maroon and red fabric backgrounds with applique felt text "Remove nukes from 'dangerous hands'! / Loretto Disarmament Committee" and applique design of two hands in American flag fabric with a gray felt bomb cloud…

Double-sided fabric banner (sides are identical). Rainbow fabric on top quarter and orange camouflage fabric on bottom three-quarters. Applique felt fabric text, "Walls don't affect Wall-Street / The Loretto Community." Nylon ties attached to each…

Double-sided fabric banner. One side has stripes of fabric in different colors with applique felt text "Our religious traditions call us to love our neighbor and to offer hospitality to those in need / The Loretto Community." The other side has a…

Double-sided fabric banner. One side has felt applique Latin American designs on a colorful patchwork background, with text "Solidaridad / The Loretto Community." The other side has a colorblocked background with felt applique text "No, we can't…

Green felt banner with yellow felt letters, "Loretto Disarmament/Economic Conversion Committee."

Protest flag made of vinyl-like synthetic fabric, with blocks of yellow, green, and orange, and text "we can create life without war," with a dove pictured beneath, and "The Great Peace March 1986."

Sr. Buffy Boesen, SL, walked the full Great…

Red fabric flag printed with symbol and text for United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO. Manufacturer's tag for "Union Made Teamsters 200-FDL." See also 2021.000.072a-b. Donated to the Heritage Center by Sr. Guadalupe (Lupe) Arciniega, SL.

Fabric banner, eggplant-purple background with offset pink and blue fabric overlays depicting the logo of Women-Church and the text "Women-Church / Claiming Our Power / Reclamando Nuestro Poder / Mujer-Iglesia."

Set of 6 activist pins from a Loretto Co-member.

a) Rectangular pin, "Nuclear test ban treaty now!"
b) "Honeywell Kills People"
c) "Boycott G.E. / Stop Nuclear Weapons"
d) "Stop The Arms Race / 1 in a Million"
e) pink triangle on black…
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