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"The Following of Christ" devotional book by Thomas a Kempis, missing title page. Board cover with black fabric, simple cross on front. Faded inscription on first page re-written inside front cover: "Sister M. Euphrosyne Sep. 10, 1879 to Sr. Martina Aug. 7, 1901 / Sister Vincent July 16 1922 / 1879 Left Santa Fe Sept 13th Saturday." A final part of the original inscription is dated 1924 but otherwise obscured by a hole in the page. A typewritten "Consecration to the Sacred Heart" card is among the pages.

Typewritten explanation added with rebinding: "This 'Following of Christ' belonged to Sister M. Euphrosyne Thompson. She inscribed her name in it and the date September 10 1879, one page; on reverse of page, she writes, '1879 - Left Santa Fe, September 13th, Saturday.' / Sister Euphrosyne died January 26, 1908. She probably gave the book to her sister, Sister Martina, whose name is inscribed beneath that of Sister Euphrosyne, and date August 7, 1907. / Sister Vincent White's name next appears, and the date July 16, 1922 - that of Sister Martina's death. / From Santa Fe Annals: 'On Saturday the 13th of September 1879, Sisters Euphrosyne Thompson, as Superior with Sisters Priscilla and Martha as teachers and Sister Adela as cook, left Santa Fe to open a school in Socorro about one hundred and fifty miles from Santa Fe." Handwritten inscription beneath the typewritten: "Sent from Socorro, N. Mexico, Oct. 1935, by Sister Mary Alexander Boone, Supr. of Socorro - Loretto. to Motherhouse Archives."




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