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Double-sided souvenir medallion, with text "Loretto Chapel / Miraculous Staircase / Santa Fe, New Mexico" on one side and image of the staircase and chapel interior on reverse.

Brass bell, engraved leaf decorations. Accompanying typed label identified it as a bell that "was at one time used in the chapel in Santa Fe."

Round ornament made of nambe alloy metal, with inset design of the Loretto Chapel, Santa Fe, NM, and text "1997 / Loretto Chapel." Back inscribed "Santa Fe, NM / Built 1878" with an image of the Loretto Chapel staircase and the name and logo of the…

Spherical glass ornament, metal cap, glazed white with yellow and gray pencil drawing of the front of the chapel of Our Lady of Light (Santa Fe, NM). Labeled "Loretto" and signed to lower right "Melinda McDonald / 93 / Albuq." Paper tags attached…

Rubber stamp on wood block, depicting the facade of the chapel of Our Lady of Light (Santa Fe, NM). Printed black-and-white image on front is signed by Ruben G[illegible], copyright 1997. 1997 copyright by LPD stamped on bottom of block.

Wood ornament, 3-dimensional model of the chapel building of Our Lady of Light (Santa Fe, NM). Paper with explanation of the chapel adhered to bottom, signed "Johnson '93."

"Loretto Chapel or 'Our Lady of Light' was patterned after Sainte…

Rectangular sterling silver pin with raised image of the spiral staircase and a hanging lamp in the chapel of Our Lady of Light (Santa Fe, NM). 1989 copyright date and maker's mark for Alarid on back. "Spiral Staircase Loretto Chapel" also engraved…

Rectangular magnet, rounded edges, with photograph of the back of the chapel of Our Lady of Light (Santa Fe, NM), showing the spiral staircase.

Metal sign tag engraved "Loretto Academy / Santa Fe / New Mexico."

Dark wood armchair with red and gold floral-patterned upholstery on arms, seat, and center of back. The wood is carved, with three cut-outs at the top of the back. This chair was Bishop John Baptiste Lamy's. It was at Our Lady of Light Chapel (Santa…
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